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The Person

The Person

scott Alexander

Leadership and martial arts expert Scott Alexander is an entrepreneur, leader, coach, and teacher who works with individuals and organizations to improve their impact. Scott is adept at meeting people (and organizations) where they are and pushing them to the next level of performance. With a master’s degree in psychology from Boston College, he honed his skills as a leader working in both large and small organizations in C-level positions for over 20 years.

A 5th Degree Black Belt and the author of Lead Like a Black Belt ™, Scott’s insights as an accomplished master martial artist and instructor casts Leadership in a new light. The result is that people can take concrete, tactical and yes, philosophical steps to become better leaders in their workplaces, communities, and families.

Scott draws on his experiences in business and martial arts to challenge people and organizations to be principle-driven in order to be more successful.

Great leaders don’t simply accept their circumstances; they transcend them. Leadership, much like martial arts, requires us to submit to an all-encompassing process, or journey. It starts with our innate abilities, and transforms us as we move along the path from doing to being. Because it is all encompassing, this journey requires us to use our talents to overcome our shortcomings.
— Scott Alexander

Scott Alexander

Scott Alexander

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the team

mimi zee

Mimi Zee’s enthusiastic ability to inspire and teach effective culture development for organizations has made her a successful and motivating leader for the last 20 years. Her expertise in teaching quick- ‘on your feet’ thinking and problem solving throughout her professional career has allowed her to help those around her reach their full potential. She specializes in developing strategies for innovative strategic and team development.

Mimi Zee

Mimi Zee