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Organizations create success by aligning Strategy, Structure, and Culture.


Is the right plan in place for your organization to succeed? Have you created a plan that nobody looks at, buys into or pays much attention to? Strategy is the starting point of any organization and making sure the strategic plan or planning process is done well is where we like to begin. A good strategic plan can be comprehensive for the entire organization or simply focused on one element of the organization. Either way, making sure you have the right strategy is the first step in getting your organization on the right track.


Structure is about making sure that you have the right people, processes and tools to be the most effective organization you can be. Without a good structure, it is a challenge to keep performance at a high level and maintain that into the future.


Often overlooked or at least not well nurtured, culture is the cornerstone of a successful organization. Leadership has a tremendous influence on an organization's ability to grow, face and overcome challenges as well as continue to meet the mission. Ultimately leadership creates and maintains culture.

"Scott worked as an extension of the Senior Executive’s office as he led independently with a high sense of ethics, accountability and honesty. And while I was pleased with our investment, I was most enthused by the acceptance and excitement that was displayed by all that he worked with over many months. Scott is a great find. A solid leader. An honest man. A rare talent." John,  Founder, Congressional Bank

" The work we did with you created a strong foundation for a set of initiatives we're in the process of rolling out.  These processes and principles we're implementing now are strikingly different from the way we've traditionally worked. Thank you for helping us develop a philosophy and culture we can get behind in order to fundamentally change our business for the better."     Megan, Sr. Director, Salesforce

"We were a transformed organization with increased productivity, job satisfaction, and renewed purpose....Most importantly, there is renewed motivation and professionalism at all levels of the organization. By any measure, Scott's intervention was a great success." - Dr. Rousselle, Owner, Alizee Pathology