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Want to lead like a black belt? You need a coach who understands that leadership, like karate, evolves through the complex interaction of your DNA, experience and focused training. 

With a Master’s degree in psychology, 30 years of practice in the martial arts and decades of experience in C-level positions, Scott is uniquely equipped to concentrate on the “focused training” part of that equation.

Recognizing that there are some things about ourselves that can’t be changed, Scott focuses on developing strategies and tactics that can be learned with practice and discipline. Embarking on a coaching journey with Scott teaches you how to use your talents to bolster your leadership ability, and move you, your team and your entire organization toward achieving greater impact.


"We can honestly say, that we are a better company, better leaders, and better people from having worked with Scott."    -  Chad & Adam, SVP's Congressional Bank


"The confidence in my abilities was definitely a 'gain' as a result of your coaching.  But I would say more importantly for me it was a new found perspective that changed things.  It's amazing what can take place when you change the way you look at things.  I can see my success because I know every misstep is not a setback but a learning opportunity.  I look forward to these opportunities now."   - Jenifer, Business Owner


"I thought I knew my mission, vision, and values when I started my business, but Scott helped me gain a new level of clarity around the type of work and the type of clients I want to pursue."          - Amanda, Owner, HRAnswerbox


"Scott was able to transform my thinking from being a person who tries to do everything within my business, to that of a business owner, who is able to take a step back and empower others to do the necessary tasks while pushing the business to the next level."   -  Jay, Business Owner

"Scott is a great find. A solid leader. An honest man. A rare talent."   -  John, Founder, Congressional Bank

"Your ability to understand complex organizational dynamics and quickly determine the most important strategic questions that need to be answered is very impactful."  -  Andrew, SVP, Congressional Bank