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The Interview

Scott Alexander

I was honored to recently be interviewed by Eric Verdi at Frederick Advice Givers, for their podcast series on local entrepreneurs. I was given the opportunity to discuss the consulting services I offer to individuals and business owners, but also to reflect on the different paths my career has lead me down. Interviews are a short and concise glimpse into an individual’s life and skill set. They give people the opportunity to connect with you and provide answers to questions they perhaps hadn’t even thought of yet. Every interview we hear, every television broadcast, or article we read influences us in some way. It can change our thinking, or reaffirm our current outlook, ultimately leading to asking more questions and increasing our opportunities.

What always stands out to me after most interviews I do is how different my life has become from what I imagined it would be when I started my career, and my finding that time and time again my clients have found themselves in the same situation. My career in multiple leadership positions along with a life dedicated to martial arts has brought me to where I am today and what I have to offer others. I also have to step back and look at the big picture, meaning excellence can only be measured by the extent one can realize their own potential. A leader does not set themselves to a different standard than those we teach. We are all on a similar journey.

Answering questions and explaining my services often revitalizes me and excites me to continue my journey of guidance and my unique outlook on leadership itself. We are all leaders, we all have the potential to influence others and create positive change, and my job is simply to guide individuals into being intentional about their impact and leadership roles. No one, including myself has ever found success from traveling down a straight road. When I think about my journey into leadership the road was blocked on many occasions leading to detour after detour. However, if we can create a set of principles that guide us, detours in life become opportunities. If we are intentional, we move forward in a positive direction no matter what. If we change our way of thinking, we can change every setback into success.

I was asked the question, “Imagine you were dropped off on a desert island, and the natives have no idea what a leadership consultant does, and you need to tell them the benefits of working with you?”

Well as in all questions, they lead to more questions, as that is how we grow and learn. I can surely ask, “What are your goals?” or “Where do you see yourself in five years?” But I’m not in this for the quick fixes which can sometimes be the message our society accepts. I believe success for an individual, team or business comes from an in-depth, personal journey, working with a long-term perspective. We all have skills and something to offer but also need to advance our skill sets by being intentional and realistic about our wants, needs, and desire for change.

Life is not about the end goal but how we handle the detours along the way.

I am honored to be interviewed for my expertise, but I also have the understanding that I too am still on the path, still being called to adjust and change… understanding that leadership is committing to growth by maintaining the goal of perfection with the knowledge that perfection is unattainable.

It is most definitely in the pursuit that we can find our success.


You can listen to the entire interview at Frederick Advice Givers.


Scott Alexander is a published author, a coach to entrepreneurs and senior executives, an accomplished speaker, and a strategy/leadership consultant.