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Lessons from Vegas

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Lessons from Vegas

Scott Alexander

Thanks to Choice Hotels asking me to share my perspective on leadership at their annual convention, I had a few days to soak up Las Vegas.

It is a fascinating place and magical place that is designed to take you down a rabbit hole. But I found myself looking at it from a 3rd person perspective from time to time and my logistical mind started wandering...

  • just how many people are changing light bulbs at any given moment?
  • what's the total number of rooms available?
  • how much money changes hands on any given day?

As always, upon reflection, there are leadership lessons in any situation.

  1. Creating an illusion is exciting, but only for a short time. Substance will always win out in the long run. Although they've built extensive "hallways" that run the entire strip, eventually we all want to get outside.  No matter how shiny the strip is, just a few blocks away is a very different landscape.
  2. Get the big picture to see the whole story.  When I walked around the pool areas, I felt like I was in the Caribbean  with all the exotic plants and beautiful blue water.  But the view from my room told a different story - just beyond those dense plants was a full scale construction project!
  3. It's all about people and connection.  As I watched all the bustle on the casino floors (I visited several), I noticed something very interesting.  Amid all the activity, the bottom line was that people were just trying to connect with each other. In the quest for lady luck, strangers were seeking interaction from each other even though their purpose was to "win".

Until next time - Viva Las Vegas!