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The Power of Culture

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The Power of Culture

Scott Alexander

We've all seen it - the long line of cars in the left lane while the right lane is relatively light.  After muttering a few choice words and navigating my way around the silliness caused by just a few individuals, I got to thinking.


Aren't there laws that identify the right lane for travel and left lane for passing?  Aren't there signs that contain that very same message?

Then Why?

It's the power of culture.  For better or for worse, the culture on the road has evolved to include this new idea that we should just get in the left lane and then go with the (lack of) flow.  It doesn't matter what the law says.  It doesn't matter that it doesn't make sense. 


What are the cornerstones of your company culture?  Are they in alignment with your values and goals?  Does leadership drive the culture or vice versa?